Technical Assistance Consultations

As part of the ARC’s commitment to assisting REESE projects, Technical Assistance (TA) Consultations are available by appointment. These TA Consultations provide an opportunity to discuss and receive assistance on issues that relate to study design, analysis, communication, and data storage.

In the past, the Center has worked with investigators on issues related to sample design to consider the impact of design on recruitment strategies; to build community and link investigators who work on similar issues; to develop and refine project proposals; to conduct background research on literature or theory; and to help disseminate project findings to practitioners and policymakers.

Examples of the types of Technical Assistance that are available include:

Designing Studies

  • Scale construction or item response theory
  • Experimental or quasi-experimental design
  • Longitudinal study design
  • Qualitative research methods
  • Collection of behavioral observation data
  • Finding or designing instruments to measure outcomes
  • Finding or designing instruments to measure implementation
  • Finding or designing other instruments

Conducting Analysis

  • Multilevel statistical methods
  • Statistical methods for longitudinal studies
  • Assistance analyzing videography
  • Assistance with other qualitative data analysis
  • Analysis of behavioral observation data
  • Data mining and/or exploratory data analysis
  • Geographical information systems (GIS) models and/or spatial statistical analysis
  • Assistance synthesizing prior research findings; e.g., meta-analysis

Disseminating Findings

  • Identifying relevant stakeholder groups
  • Identifying members of specific target audiences
  • Identifying appropriate channels (e.g., online, print) for disseminating information to the target audiences
  • Media relations
  • Communicating with instructional personnel
  • Communicating with district administrators
  • Communicating with state or federal policymakers
  • Communicating with parents
  • Communicating with the general public

Storing Data

  • Data archiving
  • Data security
  • Developing codebooks, data dictionaries, or any other materials to assist others in analyzing your data

If you have any questions regarding Technical Assistance Consultations and/or would like to schedule a conference call or appointment with us, please contact us at