Resources for REESE Projects

ARC works closely with NSF and REESE investigators to identify opportunities to support both individual research projects and the program as a whole. ARC provides technical assistance to REESE projects; offers workshops and convenes themed meetings on topics of special interest to REESE investigators; plans and hosts PI meetings; organizes symposia to highlight REESE findings at professional association meetings; and implements and evaluates activities to increase awareness, accessibility, and use of knowledge and innovations arising from the REESE program.

As part of its support mission, ARC is developing online research resources to help REESE projects plan, conduct, and disseminate the results of their research projects. REESE investigators also can arrange individual consultations with ARC investigators. A list of potential meetings of interest to members of the REESE community is publicly available and is always being updated. Please let us know if you have suggestions for this or any of the other resources provided here.