Research Resources for REESE Investigators

Among the central objectives of REESE are to promote innovative research and produce rigorous evidence and methods that advance STEM knowledge and learning. ARC seeks to draw these projects and findings together and help increase their accessibility to educators and policymakers, with the aim of improving the general public’s STEM learning in formal and informal settings. Dissemination of knowledge and findings, as well as effective evaluation of each program have thus become critical elements of every REESE project. ARC is available to advise and consult with REESE projects regarding these objectives.  There are also many online resources that may be interesting and helpful. The links provided in the following directories are by no means an exhaustive list; please contact us to suggest other relevant resources. 

 In addition to the resources and information about NSF-funded projects provided by our sister DRL Resource Networks, the IES National Center for Education Research (NCER) provides a compilation of NCER-funded research on a wide variety of topics, including mathematics and science education.