Revealing Nature – Generating Insight: Gordon Conference, Workshops, and Mini-Grants to Guide Visualization Research in Science & Education

Principal Investigator: 
Project Overview
Background & Purpose: 

The Conference, Workshops and Mini-Grants are designed to better bridge science practice with science education. The sessions are organized around conceptual themes rather than scientific disciplines, in order to explore the connections between visualization and understanding. Many of the invited speakers and all of the proposed activities surrounding the conference will be heavily focused on the learning and cognitive aspects of revealing nature and of generating insight.


The conference and workshop will be held at Magdalen College, Oxford U.K. Assesment data will be collected before and after these activities. Mini-grant will be awarded approximately 1 month after the conference and will be review approximately 1 and 2 years after their award.

Research Design: 

This project is designed to generate evidence that is descriptive through observation, and collects original data through self-completion questionnaires. Plans for analysis include statistical summary of questionnaire responses, comparison with prior conferences.


To date this project has not generated any findings.