Planning Process on Core Ideas for K-12 Standards in the Behavioral and Social Sciences

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Project Overview
Background & Purpose: 

The Board on Science Education of the National Research Council (NRC) will conduct a project to begin the planning process on core ideas for K-12 standards in the behavioral and social sciences. This effort will complement the report that the NRC recently released that focused on the design of K-12 education standards in the physical, life, and earth sciences. The central planning activity will entail convening a group of invited experts and stakeholders and commissioning papers that will help in clarifying the current state of behavioral and social science education in the K-12 curriculum and in determining the feasibility of developing a conceptual framework for such standards.


Washington, DC


Findings will be posted as they become available.

Other Products: 

We commissioned a paper that analyzed where in the K-12 curriculum behavioral and social sciences are covered.