Methods for Synthesizing Regression Results

Principal Investigator: 
Project Overview
Background & Purpose: 

Our goal is to develop and study methods for summarizing the results of regression studies. This involves development of study indices, examination and study of existing indices, and considering the issues that arise when the regression models to be summarized differ across studies.

Research Design: 

We are developing and studying methods to analyze meta-analysis data. Our data are from simulation studies that inform about the behavior of statistical indices. We are examining ways of summarizing evidence from correlation and regression analysis via meta-analysis.


We have developed an index to represent the predictive value of a variable in a regression model and its variance. We have shown that a particular index of correlation among predictors is a maximum likelihood estimator. We have examined regression slopes that represent mean differences. We have examined dependence among effect sizes that share control groups, which relate to slopes for dummy variables.

Publications & Presentations: 

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