ICLS 2010 Doctoral Consortium and Early Career Workshop

Principal Investigator: 
Project Overview
Background & Purpose: 

The purpose of this grant was to provide travel and housing support for senior PhD candidates and recent PhD recipients to participate in the International Conference of the Learning Sciences (ICLS 2010) Doctoral Consortium and Early Career Workshops. The fund from this grant supported 20 early career researchers and 15 doctoral students.


The Doctoral Consortium and Early Career Workshops were held in Chicago, IL, June 29-30, 2010.

Research Design: 

This project is not a research study.


Post-workshop surveys indicated highly positive perceptions of the value of the workshops for professional development of the participants, with 33 of 35 respondents ranking the workshops as “highly recommended” or “recommended” for future prospective attendees. 25 of 35 respondents indicated that they would not have been able to attend without funding from the grant.

Other Products: 

An additional product developed under the grant was a comprehensive web-based survey designed to collect longitudinal data from participants in the Early Career Workshop and Doctoral Consortium dating back to the origins of the ICLS and CSCL conferences in 1991. As of December 1, 2010, 57 former attendees have responded to the survey.