Future STEM Curricula and Instructional Design: Conference Series

Principal Investigator: 
Project Overview
Background & Purpose: 

The objective is to provide visionary leadership to the education community by: (a) identifying and analyzing the needs and opportunities for future STEM curriculum development; and (b) recommending policy positions and actions by funding agencies and STEM educators regarding the development and implementation of STEM school curriculum.

Research Design: 

This project, led by the Center for Study of Mathematics Curriculum, is organizing and operating a series of working groups to examine challenges and opportunities for future innovations in STEM curricula, instruction, and instructional materials. The project is addressing three key questions that have been suggested by prospects for fundamental technology-driven change in the character of STEM education:

  1. How could STEM education look very different in the near and long-term future?
  2. What development and study of instructional materials, models, and technologies would be required to make those future visions possible?
  3. What design, development, and diffusion processes are most likely to produce new approaches to STEM education that are actually implemented in schools?
Other Products: 

The goals of the working group activity are an innovation research and development agenda for STEM educators, activation of community interest in work on the tasks of that agenda, and guidance for funding agencies and professional organizations that provide support for the work.