Framing Learning Contexts to Support the Transfer-of-Learning

Principal Investigator: 
Project Overview
Background & Purpose: 

The purpose of this proposal is to systematically investigate a set of potentially influential mechanisms for prompting students to transfer what they have learned.  This project will investigate the hypothesis that transfer can be promoted by framing learning and transfer contexts in an expansive manner in which students are framed as contributing to larger converstaions that extend across time, places, people, and topics. 


The setting for this project is urban Bay Area high school biology classrooms. 

Research Design: 

This is a comparative project designed to generate descriptive [case study], associative or correlational [quasi-experimental] causal [experimental] evidence.  The study contains an intervention [consistent tutoring methods and classroom units about the same biologycontent in different conditions] and a comparison condition [contrasting framings (expansive vs. bounded) of the tutoring or classroom instruction].  Original data are collected through school policy documents; observation [personal, videographic, web logs]; survey research [self-completed questionnaires] and student work such as diagrams and lab reports. 

For pre/post assessments, we expect to focus on dividing the relevant content into individual knowledge elements and then tracking which are learned and transferred by particular students.  For video data and associated student work and fieldnotes, we will systematically sample both for instruction on particular knowledge elements as well as evidence of how framing was manipulated.  For questionnaires measuring student uptake of the framing manipulation, we will check reliability for each component measure and use total scores on those measures. 


There are findings from our pilot studies already, but not from this project which just started. 

Publications & Presentations: 

There are no project publications at this time.