NSF Poster Reception

A special event at NSF offered the latest from educational researchers on STEM learning, and the best approaches for teaching STEM subjects. Eleven investigators funded through NSF's REESE program presented results from their ongoing work at NSF headquarters on February 19, 2009. To view the posters from this invitational reception, click on the poster thumbnails or poster titles below. Brief project summaries are also available in the Insights pamphlet created for this event.

Jeremy Rochelle posterTwo Randomized Experiments with 115 Schools Show: The SimCalc Approach Increases Learning of Advanced Mathematics (Jeremy Roschelle)

Richard Lehrer posterImproving Statistics Education: Children Invent Representations, Measures and Models of Variability
(Richard Lehrer)

Janet Hyde poster Gender Similarities Characterize Math Performance
(Janet Hyde)

Nancy Songer posterUniversity of Michigan Project Dramatically Improves Grade-Schooler’s Advanced Scientific Reasoning
(Nancy Butler Songer)

Sarah Brem posterFacing the Challenges of Learning & Teaching About Evolution: A Synthesis
(Sarah Brem)

Lynn Liben posterSpatial Concepts are Critical in Science Education
(Lynn Liben)

Roxana Moreno posterPreparing Future Teachers to Meet the Diverse Needs of the Classroom
(Roxana Moreno)

Richard Ingersoll posterThe Mathematics and Science Teacher Shortage: Wrong Diagnosis and Prescription?
(Richard Ingersoll)

Robert Jacobs posterDoes Multi-Sensory Training Aid Visual Learning?
(Robert Jacobs)

Kathryn Borman posterHigh School, Undergraduate and Graduate STEM Education and STEM Careers
(Kathryn Borman)

Bruce McCandliss posterLinking Changes and Differences in Children’s Early Number and Math Skills to Brain Systems
(Bruce McCandliss)