Documenting the Methodological Rigor of REESE Research: A Pilot Project

For the past few months ARC has been working with a number of NSF grantees on a pilot project to document the rigor of work supported by the REESE (Research and Evaluation on Education in Science and Engineering) program. In consultation with NSF, ARC convened three expert panels--including scholars with diverse methodological backgrounds and substantive expertise--to review existing work and recommend standards for assessing scientific rigor at each stage of the research and development process. To learn more about these standards, and the considerations panelists recommended reviewers take into account in deciding whether or not projects meet the standards, please follow this link to view the guidelines for raters.

The next phase of the pilot project is for review panels to apply the rigor guidelines in examining a sample of completed projects' final reports. A sample of recently completed REESE projects has been invited to participate in this pilot. If you have received an invitation and would like to confirm you participation, or learn more about the pilot, please contact one of us.

Thank you!

Barbara Schneider, Principal Investigator and Rigor Review Project Director, ARC

Kevin Brown, Member, ARC Rigor Review Project Team