ARC & Evaluation Research

ARC supports the REESE community in a variety of evaluation research initiatives. Center staff:

  • conduct special evaluative studies (e.g., to document REESE projects’ impacts), which resulted in a recent publication in Educational Researcher.
  • collaborate with NSF staff to develop metrics for assessing and reporting on the rigor of completed REESE projects’ work
  • provide technical assistance services to projects seeking advice on evaluating their work and its broader impacts
  • compile resources on evaluation research for members of the REESE community and the general public, and
  • organize opportunities to highlight evaluation research activities relevant to REESE and STEM education researchers more generally at scientific and professional association meetings.

The ARC team is well-versed in conducting a wide range of intervention, project, and program evaluations, utilizing experimental and quasi-experimental methods for estimating effects and innovative mixed-methods approaches to documenting and unpacking broader impacts. Under the leadership of ARC PI Barbara Schneider, three members of the ARC team contributed to an independent evaluation of the National Research Council’s Center for Education and an evaluation of the impact and influence of the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation’s Program on Workplace, Workforce and Working Families. Other major evaluations in which ARC investigators have been involved include NORC at the University of Chicago’s Evaluation of the Growth Model Pilot Project for the U.S. Department of Education.

Click here to see a selection of evaluations and publications with an evaluation research focus in which members of the ARC team have been involved.