The program for Research and Evaluation on Education in Science and Engineering (REESE) is funded by the Division for Research on Learning in Formal and Informal Settings (DRL). DRL supports programs of research "designed to complement each other within a cycle of research and development" (see NSF 10-586, p. 3).

DRL cycle diagram

Source: NSF 08-585

As described in the current program solicitation, REESE has three main objectives:

(1) to catalyze discovery and innovation at the frontiers of STEM learning, education, and evaluation; (2) to stimulate the field to produce high quality and robust research results through the progress of theory, method, and human resources; and (3) to coordinate and transform advances in education, learning research, and evaluation efforts. REESE pursues its mission by developing an interdisciplinary research portfolio focusing on core scientific questions about STEM learning in current and emerging learning contexts, both formal and informal, from childhood through adulthood, and from before school through to graduate school and beyond into the workforce (see NSF 10-586, p. 1).

For more information on REESE projects, investigators, and the results of their research, visit the REESE section of ARC online.