User’s Guide to Finding REESE Projects

The ARC website contains nearly 400 summaries of REESE projects. These summaries were created using information from structured abstracts submitted by REESE PIs. In addition to obtaining information about the project background, setting, research design, and findings, the structured abstract also asked about the target population (pre-K, elementary, secondary, higher education, school personnel, informal settings); the disciplines being addressed (science, technology, engineering, math, cognitive science, research methods, other); the methods being used (descriptive, correlational, causal, synthesis); and the state where the award is located. All of this information has been used to index REESE project summaries so that users can easily find certain kinds of projects. There are 3 ways to search the ARC website to obtain such a list:

  • A keyword search. The box for this search is in the upper right-hand corner of every page on the site (circled in red below). Note that this search will include REESE projects and other pages on the ARC website. Also, if you want to export your search results you will need to use one of the other two methods for searching the site.

  • A filter search. Each REESE project summary includes metadata selected by the project PI. You can “filter” through the hundreds of project summaries by selecting one or more of these metadata elements. To do so you must go to the REESE homepage at (or just click on “REESE Program” in the top menu).


On this page there are four possible “filters” and a keyword field that only searches the titles of project summaries (NOT the summary text, yet!) in combination with the filters. To search, just select one of the metadata elements from one or more of the four pull-down menus and then click on the “Apply” button. Here, the listed results include only project summaries and do not include other pages on the ARC website. You are also able to export the project summaries (title, PI, background, methods, results, etc.) that meet your selection criteria by clicking on the    button found at the bottom left of the page. However, if you want to include the text of the project summary in your searches, then you must use the next method.

  • An advanced search. This is the most powerful way of searching for REESE projects since it combines both the filter search and the keyword search methods. Advanced searches can be performed at or by clicking on the “advanced search” link on the REESE homepage (circled in green above).

The filter search works as before, just select a metadata item from one (or more) of the pull-down menus. However, the keyword search is a bit different. Rather than just entering a keyword in a single search box, here you must enter the keyword in each of the 5 search fields (circled in red above) to ensure that the entire project summary is being searched for that keyword (the keyword search is an “or” search). Of course you can enter keywords in just one or a combination of fields if you want to limit your search. Again, you can export the project summaries that meet your search criteria by clicking on   at the bottom-left of the page.