The Benefits of Computer Game Programming: A Research Synthesis

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Project Overview
Background & Purpose: 

In the last decade, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of tools and opportunities for children and young adults to learn to program computer games, as well as research on these activities. Despite this investment, there is no synthesis of research on what children learn, the best pedagogical strategies, and which tools and learning environments promote different kinds of outcomes, and for whom. This project will use a systematic analytic methodology to pull together existing research on computer game programming (CGP) to compare and contrast different ways that “benefit” has been conceptualized and measured, and to identify common and generalizable findings across the studies with regard to the effectiveness of CGP.

Research Design: 

This is using a systematic meta-synthesis methodology to pull together existing research on computer game programming. This meta-synthesis method is a seven-step process that integrates quantitative and qualitative research findings. A panel of content and methodology experts is evaluating the rigor and transparency of the findings at each step of the analysis process.


Findings will be posted as they become available.

Other Products: 

The results of the meta-synthesis will be summarized and presented in written and electronic form.

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