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Development of a Research Agenda for Understanding the Influence of the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics

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Project Overview
Background & Purpose: 

Making use of the National Research Council Committee’s Framework for Understanding the Influence of Standards, the project will develop a research agenda for studying the implementation and impact of the K–12 mathematics education Common Core State Standards. The research agenda will prioritize needs in terms of capturing baseline data; collecting information about how the Common Core State Standards for K-12 mathematics education are being received and acted on by key stakeholders in the system; and conducting research to explore the nature and extent of influence of the Common Core State Standards over time.


No empirical work in a particular setting is involved. The data collection involves the input and feedback of policy and mathematics education researchers in prioritizing needed research through online panels, webinars, and a conference.

Research Design: 

Developing the research agenda could be characterized as a synthesis of the field's current status and needs. The project staff and advisory board will craft questions to collect data from the online panels in an iterative fashion. Online panel discussions will occur in three rounds, using a modified Delphi procedure. Between-round analysis will identify areas of consensus and disagreement for confirmation/exploration in later rounds. The results of the panel discussions will be presented in the webinar discussions and face-to-face conference to support development of the research agenda, prioritization of research questions, and modeling of designs for priority studies.


Findings will be posted as they become available.

Other Products: 

Research Agenda for Studying the Influence of the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics.

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