Helping Teachers to Use and Students to Learn from Contrasting Examples: A Scale-up Study in Algebra I

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Project Overview
Background & Purpose: 

We are designing and evaluating curriculum materials for an Algebra I course that draw upon the power of comparison - comparing and contrasting solution methods. After an initial period of materials development and piloting, we will conduct a randomized controlled trial to evaluate whether use of our materials positively impacts students' learning of algebra.

Research Design: 

The research design for this project is both longitudinal and comparative, and is designed to generate evidence which is descriptive [case study, design research and observational], and causal [experimental]. The intervention involves the use of curriculum materials and the comparison condition is business as usual, in a time series design.

This project collects original data using school records/policy documents, assessments of learning/achievement tests, observation [personal observation, videography, and web logs], and survey research including both paper and pencil, and online self completion questionnaire, as well as face-to-face semi-structured/informal interviews.

In Year 2, we will do qualitative analyses to understand the process of designing and implementing our materials. In Years 3-5, we will do HLM analyses on the quantitative data and complementary qualitative methods to understand how our materials did or did not work as intended.


To date this project has not generated any findings.

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To date this project has not generated any publications.

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Curriculum for Algebra I

Research Design: 


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