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Researching and Improving Geography Graduate Education for STEM Careers in Business, Government, and Non-profit Organizations

Principal Investigator: 
Project Overview
Background & Purpose: 

This project has three major research components:

1. An analysis of professional geographers in business, government, and non-profit
(BGN) organizations.
2. An analysis of BGN employers that regularly hire geographers as well as employers that are engaged in work that could potentially be enhanced by geographical technologies, knowledge, and analytical perspectives.
3. An analysis of geography graduate programs and curricula, focusing especially on masters programs.


All research is being led by the AAG in Washington, D.C. Sources of data are professional geographers and employer organizations in BGN sectors, as well as master's and PhD programs in geography.

Research Design: 

This project is longitudinal, cross-sectional, and comparative and is designed to generate evidence that is descriptive [case study]. Original data are collected through self-completion questionnaires [online] and semi-structured interviews [face-to-face and telephone].

This project will use descriptive and correlational statistics, as well as qualitative coding and analysis of work logs and interview transcripts.


Findings will be added as they become available.

Publications & Presentations: 

Books, research manuscripts and online resources for career planning and advising will be written as various studies reach completion beginning in summer 2011.

Target Population: 
Research Design: 


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