Rethinking the Role of Research in Improving Education: Building a Research Network to Support Practice Improvement

Principal Investigator: 
Project Overview
Background & Purpose: 

This project seeks to develop, and then test, a new model for integrating education research and evaluation with education innovation and practice. Based on principles of improvement science (à la Deming, Shewhart & Juran) and on the concept of “Networked Improvement Community” (as advanced by Bryk, Gomez & Grunow), this new approach provides an alternative to the normal investigator-driven one that guides most education research efforts. Instead of working in silos on projects driven primarily by theoretical interests, researchers are being supported to collaborate with practitioners and design/developers on understanding and solving high-leverage problems of practice.


Research hub at UCLA; Researchers/practitioners working together in community college settings.

Research Design: 

The project includes multiple studies and will generate evidence that is both descriptive [case study, design research, observational] and associative/correlational [quasi-experimental]. Original data is being collected on Community College developmental math students.


Findings will be posted as they become available.

Target Population: 
Research Design: 


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