Pathways to Algebra

Principal Investigator: 
Project Overview
Background & Purpose: 

NSF-REESE [#0723611] hosted an international conference on "Pathways to Algebra," held in Evron-Mézangers, France, in June 2008, at which thirty-one distinguished researchers in mathematics education, mathematics, psychology, physics, linguistics and philosophy: (a) presented and collectively appraised scientific evidence regarding the development of students' algebraic understanding in K-16; (b) contrasted various views regarding the roles of algebra in the early mathematics curriculum; and (c) considered entailments for instruction and teacher education. In 2010 the organizers began editing of the conference contributions and discussions into a book format.


The conference was held in Evron-Mézangers, France.

Research Design: 

The research design for this project involves synthesis [meta-analysis].

Publications & Presentations: 

The project will generate a book titled “Pathways to Algebra” to be completed in 2011.

Research Design: 


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