The National Science Foundation’s REESE program "aims at advancing research at the frontiers of STEM learning, education, and evaluation, and at providing the foundational knowledge necessary to improve STEM teaching and learning at all educational levels and in all settings." In order to achieve these objectives, ARC innvestigators:

  • Examine contextual factors influencing instruction and student achievement, interest, and persistence in STEM;
  • Provide technical assistance that strengthens the methodological and analytic capacity of projects;
  • Work to establish criteria for synthesizing both traditional experimental and observational studies that take innovative approaches to STEM research;
  • Collaborate with projects to identify core project and programmatic messages;
  • Synthesize research findings, and create and share products that summarize key findings for NSF staff and broader audiences; and
  • Conduct special evaluative studies and research to advance the goals of the REESE program.