ARC Board of Science Advisors

ARC’s Board of Science Advisors extends the expertise and resources available to Center staff in support of the REESE program and its projects. Members of the Board include STEM experts from Michigan State University and research universities in the Chicago area who join ARC investigators and staff in providing technical assistance to REESE projects, and advise ARC on the development, provision, and evaluation of other services to the REESE community.

Robert Fefferman
Dean of the Physical Sciences
Max Mason Distinguished Service Professor in Mathematics
University of Chicago

Sarah Gehlert
Helen Ross Professor and Deputy Dean for Research, School of Social Service Administration
Director, Center for Interdisciplinary Health Disparities Research
Associate Professor, Institute for Mind and Biology
University of Chicago

C. Konrad Gelbke
University Distinguished Professor of Physics
Director, National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory
Michigan State University

Susan Masten
Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Michigan State University

Stephan S. Meyer
Professor, Departments of Astronomy and Astrophysics, and Physics, and the College
Deputy Director, Enrico Fermi Institute
Associate Director, Kavli Institute for Cosmological Physics
University of Chicago

James W. Pellegrino
Distinguished Professor in Psychology and Education
Co-Director, Learning Sciences Research Institute
Department of Psychology
University of Illinois at Chicago

William H. Schmidt
University Distinguished Professor
Co-Director, Promoting Rigorous Outcomes in Mathematics and Science Education (PROM/SE)
Co-Director, Education Policy Center
Co-Director, US-China Center for Research on Educational Excellence
Michigan State University

Duncan Sibley
Professor of Geological Sciences
Director of the Center for Integrative Studies in General Science
Director, Center for Research on College Science Teaching and Learning
Associate Director, Division of Science and Mathematics Education
Michigan State University