About ARC

ARC is a National Science Foundation funded initiative that supports education researchers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Headquartered at NORC at the University of Chicago’s Hyde Park campus offices, ARC is committed to capitalizing on and sharing the insights, methods, and results that help to build an arc of knowledge across STEM fields. Working closely with REESE projects and program staff and its own Board of Science Advisors, ARC conducts research and supports REESE PIs in identifying promising interventions, promising scholars, new methods, and opportunities to capitalize on STEM research findings to improve educational policy and practice.

Our mission is to build capacity to:

  • Produce rigorous evidence of what works to improve STEM instruction and learning;
  • Build on cutting-edge advances in basic and applied STEM fields;
  • Encourage discovery and innovation across disciplines and institutions; and
  • Accumulate, synthesize, and disseminate findings to stakeholders.

For further information on ARC and to receive updates from the Center, please contact us at ARC-INFO@norc.uchicago.edu.